Flute quartet "SYRINX"

Flute quartet SYRINX

Flute quartet "SYRINX" was founded in 1998 as a group of flautists - students and postgraduate students of the Moscow Conservatory. The quartet got its name at its presentation in April 2000.

The flute quartet is one and only Russian constantly existing professional ensemble, reviving chamber music genre which was so popular in Europe and Russia in the XIXth century.

Concert repertoire of the quartet includes original pieces of all styles and genres of Russian and foreign composers (from baroque music to the contemporary one), a great number of transcriptions for four flutes, as well as ensemble works with other instruments and solo program of each member of the quartet.

The quartet took part:

  • In the IIIrd All-Russian Competition of Chamber Ensembles: winner of special prize for the best performance of music of Russian composers and laureate of the competition (Syzran, 2003);

  • In the VIIth Vasiliy Safonov All-Russian Festival of academical music (Kislovodsk, 2002);

  • In the International Moscow Chamber music Festival "Spring in Russia" (Moscow, 2002);

  • In the Russian music Festival "The line of centures" (Moscow, 2002);

  • In the Republican open competition of wind ensembles (Kazan, 1999, the IIIrd prize);

  • In the IInd and IIIrd International Festivals of Japanese music "Nihon-no Kokoro" (Moscow, 2000, 2001).

Flute quartet "SYRINX" is a participant of numerous concerts in Moscow and other cities of Russia such as St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Yaroslavl, Bryansk, Kislovodsk, Tver, Saratov etc.

Head - Svyatoslav S. GOLUBENKO

Svyatoslav S. GOLUBENKOWas born in Moscow on July 26, 1979, in a family of musicians. Being a child studied to play flute, harp and piano.

1987-1996 Studied in the Central School of Music attached to the Moscow Conservatory (flute class of professors Yuri Dolzhikov and Anton Korolyov).

1996-2001 Studied in Moscow Conservatory (class of professor Alexander Korneev).

Founder of the flute quartet "SYRINX" (1998).

Editor of the official Internet web site of the Moscow Conservatory:


  • Diploma of the International Festival "Musical dynasties" (as a member of family ensemble) (Moscow, 1994);

  • The IIIrd prize of the Republican open competition of wind ensembles (as a member of flute quartet) (Kazan, 1999);

  • The Ist prize of the Vth International competition of young musicians performing wind and percussion instruments (Tolyatti, 2001).

  • Of the IIIrd International conference on musical instruments (St. Petersburg, 1997);

  • Of the Ist, IInd и IIIrd International Festivals of Japanese music "Nihon-no Kokoro" (Moscow, 1999-2001);

  • Of the XXIInd International Contemporary music Festival "Moscow Autumn"; Postgraduate student of the Moscow Conservatory. Manages concerts for his ensemble and studies history of flute ensembles.

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